Frequently Asked Questions

When does the 2023 Run Start?

Sunday, October 1st! Some of the Participating Shops are closed on Sundays so be sure to check their hours before driving that day.

How do I participate?

Visit the Shops on the Participating Shops list! Make the run more exciting by picking up each Shop’s unique block pattern and kit and make the Constellation Quilt. If you visit all the shops and purchase all the block kits, you’ll also be entered to win the Grand Prize worth $1300!

Do people usually do the run alone or with a group?

People do both! Some people visit shops on their own and some people plan group outings with their friends and carpool. We’ve even had people organize bus trips!

What does the 401 Quilt Run cost?

Each Participating Shop’s Block Kit will be priced around $7, for a total of approximately $91+tax for the blocks. All that’s left is the border, binding, batting, and backing. These can be chosen by you or you can pick up a finishing kit at some of the Participating Shops. Contents of finishing kits & prices will vary from shop to shop.

How long do I have to complete the 2023 Run?

You have the ENTIRE month of October to complete the Run! Be sure to visit each shop and collect all the blocks and passport stickers by October 31st in order to be entered to win the Grand Prize ($1300 value).

How do I enter the Grand Prize draw?

Visit each Participating Shop and purchase their unique block kit by October 31st, 2023 and you’ll receive stickers on your passport. The shop to give you the 13th sticker will keep your passport and enter you into the Grand Prize Draw (valued at $1300).

How do I get a Passport to collect stickers?

You will receive a passport when you purchase your first block. Remember to bring this with you when you travel to the rest of the shops.

Can I have more than one passport?

Unfortunately, as there is a limit of one entry per person into the Grand Prize Draw, there is also a limit of one passport per person, even if you buy more than one block at a shop.

Can I collect stickers for my friend?

No. There is a limit of one sticker per person at your visit, so you can only collect a sticker for your passport. Passports must have a name on them and the winning passport holder’s name will be verified with the winner’s ID.

Do I have to buy the blocks to get a sticker? Can’t I just buy something else from each Participating Shop and get one?

Yes, you have to purchase the block kit to get a sticker. We have made them affordable at $7 to make this easier, though we do encourage buying other things as well…shhh you don’t have enough fabric at home!

Is it possible to do the Run in one day?

Technically, yes. But you would only have 10 minutes or less at each shop and no time to stop for lunch! So we REALLY recommend doing the run in at least 2 days to ensure you have enough time at each shop. An example would be visiting the shops on the east end of the 401 one day and the west the other. Kingston is right in the middle and has 3 Participating Shops, so it’s a great place to rest for the night!

Does it matter what order I visit the Participating Shops?

Nope! You can visit the Participating Shops in ANY order or timeframe as long as you visit them within the month of October 2023.

What if I can’t make it to every shop?

If you can’t make it to every shop, that’s okay! You still got out and visited some Quilt Shops, great job! Depending on how many blocks you picked up you can still make a quilt or a table runner. You would need 13 blocks to make the full size 68″ square quilt (keep in mind you can repeat the blocks you were able to pick up, just remember to get extra fabric/kits). Unfortunately though, if you don’t make it to every shop, you are not eligible for the Grand Prize draw, but you may be eligible for individual draws at the Participating Shops you visited!

What if I get to a shop and it’s closed?

We’re very sorry if this happens to you! If a shop is closed when it was supposed to be open (remember to check their hours before you go) please check the window for a sign with an emergency code word on it. If you cannot find one, please Contact Us as soon as you can and let us know what happened.

Can I buy the blocks online? Am I still be eligible for the Grand Prize if I do?

It is up to each Participating Shop if they are willing to sell their block kits online, you can always give them a call to check. Unfortunately, you will not be able to enter the Grand Prize Draw, as you need a filled passport to do so, and stickers are only given out in person.

My block pattern mentions the “Constellation Quilt” pattern or instructions for making flying geese and smaller stars, where do I find this?

Let us know you’re a participant here, and you’ll be automatically sent a download link for these instructions starting October 1st.

I’m already signed up for emails and I didn’t receive the “Constellation Quilt” pattern instructions. How do I get them?

We’re so sorry you haven’t received them, if it’s after October 1st, be sure to check your junk email folder just in case. Your email will come from If you still can’t find them, please fill out the form here and we will make sure we get them to you!

How do I finish my quilt? Are there instructions for this?

There sure are! You can find them in the “Constellation Quilt” Pattern which you will receive automatically by signing up as a 2023 401 Quilt Run Participant here.

Can I buy extra fabric?

We want to be sure that everyone who wants a kit can get a kit. As a result, your individual shop may ask you to wait until the end of October to receive extra fabric.

Can I just buy the pattern?

No, you are not able to buy just the pattern. This pattern was written exclusively for the 2023 401 Quilt Run, the only way to get it is by purchasing each Participating Shop’s unique block kit which includes a part of the pattern.

Can I do it in my own fabrics? How much background will I require?

You definitely can make this quilt in your own fabrics, but you still have to buy the Participating Shops block kits to get the pattern! For background fabric, we’d recommend 4m to cover the amount you need for the blocks and border. We’d love to see what you create, so be sure to share it with us!

What are the hashtags for sharing on social media?

The hashtags we are using this year are #401quiltrun #401quiltrun2023 and #401ConstellationQuilt

Don’t see an answer to your question here?

Please Contact Us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!