Are you ready for a month full of Quilting Adventures?

Join us for the Fall 2023 Eastern 401 Quilt Run!

The Adventure Begins October 1st

Visit 13 Destinations

Take a scenic journey down the Eastern 401 and discover new Quilt Shops you may not have visited before. Each shop has unique offerings to explore. You may even find a new favourite!

Make a Quilt

Each of the 13 Participating Shops has their own exclusive Quilt Block for you to collect. Pick up each shop’s kit, and you’ll have everything you need to make the top of this year’s Quilt: The Constellation Quilt!

Enter to Win Prizes

Collect all 13 shop stickers on your passport and submit it at your last stop to be entered to win a Grand Prize worth $1300! Each shop will also have their own in-store prize draws you can win.

The Constellation Quilt

This year’s quilt was designed by the creative minds at Upper Canada Quiltworks. You can find a large star block with one of the unique centres at each Participating Shop (each kit includes enough fabric to make two small star blocks, too!)

Grand Prize Draw

All thirteen participating shops have submitted a prize worth $100 retail towards the Grand Prize.

That means this year’s Grand Prize will be worth $1300!

Contest Rules

To be eligible for the 2023 Grand Prize Draw you must visit ALL 13 participating shops and purchase their exclusive blocks to collect stickers for your passport. Limit ONE sticker per shop per person. The 13th shop to add a sticker to your passport will submit your passport to the Grand Prize Draw. The winner’s ID will be verified with the information written on their passport when they pick up their prize.

Each shop will also have their own individual in-store prizes for their visitors, for a total of 13 more prizes you can win!

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2022 Run Participant

“I did a road-trip with 3 of my friends and it was super fun going to all the stores. The pattern was great and the kits were affordable.”

2022 Run Participant

“Thank you for the opportunity to visit shops that I was not aware of, I found many new hidden places to frequent!”