401 Quilt Run 2016 Winners

Grand Prize Winner for most mileage collected is:
Phyllis May- 1250 miles collected plus 250 bonus miles 

Winners of a $50 Gift Certificates from the participating shops are:

Taylor Sewing Centre Quilt Shop- Megan Jaquith
Wilton Creek Fabrics-  Sandra Jaquith
Stitch by Stitch- Betty Beaumont
Fun With Stitches -Isabell Freudenberg
Kraft Village- Sierra Dryden
Andjareena's Place- Glenda Saunders
Pine Ridge Knit and Sew- Cheryl Clarke
Picton Fabric World- Henny Wyngaarden
The Robbin's Nest- Susie Harper
Your #1 Sewing Centre- Linda Lawrence
The Stitch Witch- Emma Sim
Annie's Quilt Shop- Jacqui Van Meppelan-Scheppink
Sewing Essentials- Beverly Krane
Ultimate Sewing Centre- Lynn Robitaille

Winners were randomly selected from all entries where the participant visited and collected mileage from at least one shop from each of the 4 regions

We thank everyone who participated in the 2016, 401 Quilt Run.



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